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C#.NET programming


Course Duration:  30hrs

Why get this Course?:
This course will teach you everything you need to know on how to build programs using

Course Prerequisite:
Knowledge of basic programming

Course Outline:
  • The .NET Framework
  • Overview of the .NET Framework and Common Language Runtime
  • Class Library/ API
  • C#.NET and the Visual Studio .NET IDE
  • Creating a new C# project and choices of projects
  • Development Environment windows
  • Using controls from the Toolbox
  • Using the MSDN Library Help Files
  • #.NET Fundamentals
  • Properties
  • Events
  • Methods
  • C#.NET Language Syntax
  • C#.NET Data Types and Casting
  • C#.NET Variable Scope
  • C#.NET Object Oriented Features
  • Overview of Windows Forms
  • Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance in C# NET EXPLAINED
  • Objects Defined
  • The importance of the New keyword
  • Accessing member variables of a C# .NET object
  • Using access modifiers
  • Understanding .NET OOP Classes in C#.NET
  • Building blocks of all .NET applications including C#
  • Class Structure, C#.NET Class definitions
  • C#.NET Error Handling and Debugging
  • C#’s integrated debugging environment
  • C#.NET Errors
  • C# .NET Error Handling
  • ADO .NET Data Access using C#.NET
  • ADO .NET Object Model
  • Accessing Data in C#.NET
  • Data Binding in C#.NET
  • DataSets
  • Forms Programming in C#.NET
  • Forms as Objects in C#.NET
  • Handling Form Events in C# .NET
  • Using .Net Controls
  • .NET XML Web Services in C#.NET
  • .NET Advanced Project Properties; The IDE Regarding a C#.NET Web Service
  • Compiling and Distributing a C#.NET Application
  • Deployment Options
  • Installing assemblies into the GAC


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@ Karl

Yes you will receive certificate of completion after the training.

Is there any certification upon completion of this course?

Thank you.
@ Nestor Misalucha

Yes, our C#.Net Programing training is for beginner to advance.
@ Nelson

Unfortunately, wala pong C ++ ang C#.Net Programming.
Is your course for programming specifically for beginners?
Does this course have c++ class
@ Joy

We will inform you 2 days before if the class will push through on the said date. We will send a message through text or call.
Hi May I know if the 09th-July 2017 training will push through? Please UPDATE ASAP.
@ Louis

Minimum of 3 participants po bago mag start ang class. Thanks
Hi, why the sudden change of the price?
i want to learn how to use the c#..
Hindi pa din po ba mag start ang sunday class?
@ Reynaldo Panganiban

Opo magkakaroon kami ng November schedule. Ipopost namin soon dito sa aming website. Keep posted.
Meron po kaya schedule sa November?
@ Louis

Eto po yung link for reservation online
Hi bakit walang reservation button?
Mag papa-reserved sana ako hehe.
@ Oliver dela Paz

Mag-popost po kami soon ng schedule for September. Please keep in touch. Thank you.
hi, may naka line up na ba schedule this coming september?
@ rejz

Course Prerequisite:
Knowledge of basic programming
Hello ano po ang pre-requisite knowledge ng C# .net?
Can you email me the soonest schedule (weekend only) for

Also - can you email me total amount and how we can pay.
@ Alma

You must have at least Knowledge of basic programming before taking up this course.
Can I still enroll even if I did not meet the prerequisite? I have zero knowledge in programming.

@ Liezyl Serra

Enrollment is open. You enroll on or before the start of the training. You can pay in cash in our office, bank deposit or online payment through paypal.
how to enroll?
@ finn

Yes, magkakaroon po kami ng March schedule. Ipopost po namin soon dito sa aming website. Keep posted.
Meron po bang sat or sunday sched sa march para sa buendia site?
@ moon

Yes, you can enroll in this course as long as you have basic knowledge in Programming. Thanks.
Can i enroll in this course even if I have a very little knowledge in programming?
@ Neil Antonio

We will post soon our March schedules here on our website. Keep posted. No requirements/documents need for enrollment but the prerequisite of the course is you have Knowledge of basic programming.
Good evening,
Can you send an email to me for the next schedule for March 2016 including the INFO/requirements for this training course, cause I'm not sure for this month. Need to rearrange my schedule.

Thank you...
@ Justine

Visual Studio 2010.
@ Joseph Peralta

The C#.Net Programming is 30 hr course duration. We will open and post soon the schedules this coming summer. Thank you.
Ano pong version ng visual studio ang gagamitin for c#? Sana yung latest version.
How long will be the course ?
Will it be a year or 2 or months ?

I am currently enrolled at STI and want to
go take this course also. But the schedule will conflict to my other subjects do you have any suggestions for me ?
Or if their will be another schedule for the coming vacation.

I put my email below.

Thank you.
@ John

Yes, so far your the only one reserved for December 19 schedule. We will inform you 3 days before if the class will push through or not.
thanks for the response, i hope the scheduled date next week shall start, but im guessing im the only one reserved in espana and due to the busy season, guess it will start next year.
@ Peter John R. Hugo

Yes, all the topics posted on our website will be discussed.
Does all that in the course outline accurate or really followed?
@ Joseph Peralta

Ok, we will send the details of the course through your email.
I am currently Enrolled in a BSIT course and would like to know more about this course. Please give me an email about schedule and current announcement about this course thank you.
@ Aaron,

Yes, Please manage your reservation on this link
I am currently enrolled at Espana Manila with the Schedule of 3-9 pm sat. but unfortunately, my availability for this sat suddenly change. My question is if there would be a possibility that i can take the schedule of Makati Sun 3-9 pm for my 1st day of training?
@ Brix

Opo may makukuha kayong certificate of completion after the training.
Hi Good Afternoon,

I want to enroll in this training.

Question lang po, may certificate ba to?

@ nard

Hello, Good day! Yes, meron na po tayong naka open na schedule for June 8-15 for C#.Net Programming. Thanks.

Good day! May I ask if you a have sked on C# programming on June 8-12. tnx
@ cila

Yes, meron pong open na schedule for Saturday 3-9pm sa Espaņa Manila and Sunday 3-9pm sa Buendia Makati. P10,500 po ang course fee at wala na pong ibang babayaran pa. Thanks.
meron po bang ever weekend lang?and san po ang location, yung amount po ba sa taas yun na po yung fee wala na pong other charges?pls advise thanks
@ Janette Lucre

Yes, we will post a schedule for this course by summer. Please keep posted.
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