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C#.NET programming


Course Duration:  30hrs

Why get this Course?:
This course will teach you everything you need to know on how to build programs using

Course Prerequisite:
Knowledge of basic programming

Course Outline:
  • The .NET Framework
  • Overview of the .NET Framework and Common Language Runtime
  • Class Library/ API
  • C#.NET and the Visual Studio .NET IDE
  • Creating a new C# project and choices of projects
  • Development Environment windows
  • Using controls from the Toolbox
  • Using the MSDN Library Help Files
  • #.NET Fundamentals
  • Properties
  • Events
  • Methods
  • C#.NET Language Syntax
  • C#.NET Data Types and Casting
  • C#.NET Variable Scope
  • C#.NET Object Oriented Features
  • Overview of Windows Forms
  • Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance in C# NET EXPLAINED
  • Objects Defined
  • The importance of the New keyword
  • Accessing member variables of a C# .NET object
  • Using access modifiers
  • Understanding .NET OOP Classes in C#.NET
  • Building blocks of all .NET applications including C#
  • Class Structure, C#.NET Class definitions
  • C#.NET Error Handling and Debugging
  • C#’s integrated debugging environment
  • C#.NET Errors
  • C# .NET Error Handling
  • ADO .NET Data Access using C#.NET
  • ADO .NET Object Model
  • Accessing Data in C#.NET
  • Data Binding in C#.NET
  • DataSets
  • Forms Programming in C#.NET
  • Forms as Objects in C#.NET
  • Handling Form Events in C# .NET
  • Using .Net Controls
  • .NET XML Web Services in C#.NET
  • .NET Advanced Project Properties; The IDE Regarding a C#.NET Web Service
  • Compiling and Distributing a C#.NET Application
  • Deployment Options
  • Installing assemblies into the GAC


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Is there any schedule for C# training by Summer? I'm from Virac, Catanduanes.

Hope to hear from you the soonest.
@ Ave

Hello. Yes, the C#.Net programming is still available and open for enrollment. Thank you.

Is this course still available?
Thank you.
@ Jz

It is automatically moved to the next schedule. We will inform you again for final confirmaion of class. Thank you!
Hi again CNCTC i reserved for the course c# .Net programming for 8/25/14. but the said date was cancelled due to lack of participants should i make a new reservation? or it is automatically moved to the next schedule. thanks
@ Lillette

Meron na pong nakapost na Sept 22 skedyul pwde na po kayong magpareserve. Minimum of 3 participants po bago magstart ang class.
kelan po magoopen 22-sept? need ko po malaman para makapagleave po ako ng maaga sa work. sensya sa abala
@ jz

Your welcome.
thanks for the information CNCTC
@ jz

Ang ginagamit po namin 2008 and 2010 depende sa request ng students at sa framework 4.0 pag visual studio 2010, 3.5 kapag 2008. Thank you.
Hi cntc just want to inquire about the ..NET Framework version you are using. also for the visual studio thanks
@ Lillette

Yes, we can open Sept 22 to Sept 26, 2014 schedule Monday to Friday. You can make your reservation online once the schedule is posted in our website.
sorry, 22-Sept not 15 sept
Will you be able to change the schedule ? I can only attend starting 15 Sept, there are 2 of us to enroll, so I guess we just need 1 more.
@ Romina

Yes, we issue certificate of completion after the training. You must have any basic programming language.

Do you provide certificate of completion for this training? Also, Could I take this course without programming background? If not, what prerequisites should I take first?

Thank you!
Hi. just want to inquire about the ..NET Framework version you are using. also for the visual studio thanks
@ Jess

Yes the class will start on August 10, 2014 at buendia, Makati. Please make your reservation online see this link
is the 8/10 Sunday schedule class in Buendia Makati will push thru?
@ ER

We give certificate of completion after finishing the course. Thank you.
meron po bang Microsoft certificate after the training?
@ Joel

Hindi po nameet ang minimum participants reschedule po tayo for the next schedule na po ulit. Thanks
tuloy na po ba bukas?
@ Joel

Sir, gamitin nyo po yung old student number nyo at yung email nyo po na inindicate nyo noong nagpareserved kayo.
hello po. ayaw pong mag work ng reservation link.. - joel (9998864473)
hello po. confirm po ba yung schedule need ko po rin mag attend pwede na po ba kaming dalawa nung nagpareserve
@ Chem

It cost Php 27,000 for one on one training session. Thank you!
how much po for one on one sessions? i previously reserved po kasi, but it did not push through kasi hindi po nacomplete
@ yanee

If we don't meet the minimum 3 participants the training will reschedule the following week.
what if there is no 3 participants in the class? but I want to enroll... will you still open another schedule?
@ chem

As of now our enrollment is still open and we need minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Yes we do cater for one on one training. Thanks.
do you have confirmed schedule for this course? if none, do you cater one on one sessions?
@ Joel Mendoza

Used Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your web browser. Please used this link to reserve a course
i can't make a reservation, link is not working
@ Ciong

We already posted an schedule for this month of January just keep posted on the on the upcoming schedule. Thank you!
Do you have the calendar for 2014? For this course only. Thanks!
@ Maybelline

Hindi po continous po ang training.
Last na po ba ito this year?
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