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Java Programming (J2SE/J2EE)




This course covers basic to intermediate Java programming. Participants should have a basic knowledge in computer programming using any programming language. Training is more on actual implementation of java programs for web integration


After the training students should be able to:

  • Create Java programs
  • Design programs for the Web.


Instructor-led, classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.


  • Working knowledge in Windows Applications
  • Basic Programming knowledge.


Chapter 1

  • Getting started
  • What is JAVA?
  • Definition of Terms

                A. The main Method

                B. Defining and using Classes and Objects

                C. Comments in Java Code

  • Learning Java language
  • OOP- Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Using Data

                A. Variables and Constant

                B. Int Data Type

                C. Arithmetic Statement

                D. Boolean Data Type

                E. Floating Data Type

                F. Numeric Type Convertion

                G. Char Data Type

  • Writing a First Program

Chapter 2

  • Programming using Methods

                A. Creating methods with No arguments

                B. Methods that require a single Argument

                C. Methods that require a multiple Argument

                D. Methods that return values

  • Using Classes
  • Defining a Class
  • Creating a Class
  • Using instance Methods
  • Organizing methods

Chapter 3

  • Input and Decision making
  • Simple keyboard Input
  • If Structure
  • Comparison Operator

                  If - else Structure

                  Nested if and nested if ... else

  • Switch Structure
  • While Structure
  • Do - Loops Structure

Chapter 4

  • Arrays
  • Program that uses an array
  • Program that
    uses an Array of Event Object
  • Passing Arrays to Methods
  • Using one Dimensional Array
  • Sorting Primitive Array Elements
  • Using Two Dimensional Array

Chapter 5

  • Strings
  • Comparing Strings
  • Using other Strings Methods
  • Converting Strings to numbers

Chapter 6

  • Understanding the Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT)
  • Using Frame Class
  • Creating a Frame that Classes
  • Creating a Button, Checkbox, TextField

Chapter 7

  • JDBC Database Access
  • Getting Started
  • Establishing a Connection
  • Loading Drivers
  • Making the Connection
  • Creating JDBC statements
  • Executing the Statements
  • Entering the Statements
  • Entering Data into a Table
  • Getting a Data from a Table
  • Retrieving Values from Result Sets

Chapter 8

  • Continuous of JDBC
  • Updating Tables
  • Using Prepared Statements
  • Stored Procedures
  • SQL Statements for Creating a Stored Procedure
  • Creating Complete JDBC applications
  • Importing Classes to make them Visible
  • Using the main method
  • Using try and catch blocks
  • Retrieving Exceptions

Chapter 9

  • Applet
  • Creating first applet
  • With label
  • Adding TextField and Buttons
  • The applet to draw a green square instead of a red spot
  • The applet to display your name in purple instead of s red spot

Chapter 10

  • Java Swing
  • Swing Components
  • How to create and Show s frames
  • Creating a TextField, Label and Button
  • How to use a password Fields


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Nag start ba ang training ng "08-05-2014 08-08-2014"

Is there a chance that you would open weekend classes for August on your Makati branch?

@ kevin dustin rance

Pakicheck po tong link na to jan nyo po pwdeng ivery ung certificate ninyo.
natapos ko na course na to, san ko nga ulit pwedeng e print or view ung certificate ko.
@ Rizaldy

Yes five days training po.
Five days lng po ung lesson nyo?
@ angelica boloy

Meron po kaming M to F/9am to 3pm schedule on July 07 to 11 and July 14 to 18 both espana,manila and buendia, Makati. Meron din kaming weekends sked on July 13 to Aug 10 every sunday 9am to 3pm sa espana, manila at July 19 to Aug 16 every saturday 3pm to 9pm sa buendia, Makati.
@ john

Sorry we don't have branch in Visayas or Mindanao. We are located at Espana, Manila and Buendia, Makati.
hai po !! I.T student po ako pero kailangan ko po ng more knowledge about programming... interested po ako .. kailangan po ba next class nyo ??
do you have classes or training centers in Mindanao? or in Visayas?
@ Joe Rich Cuadra

Yes we do have Saturday 3pm to 9pm schedule for June 14 to July 12, 2014 and it will take 5 Saturdays. Thank you.
do we have an schedule training next saturday, June 14, 2014? If its every saturday, how long does it takes?Thanks
@ lawrence

Hello Sir, Our training for Java is Java Programming (J2SE). Thank you.
Hi there, J2SE ba ang Java training natin & hindi Java SE? meaning version 5 ? Planning to attend the June 1 training in Buendia. sana masagot nyo agad, thanks.
@ Richard Aricheta

Yes free na po ung manual for VB 6, PHP & MySQL and Java Programming.
Ung VB, PHP SQL and Java may free manual ba ito?
@ jhoy

Hindi po natuloy ung Java Programming class nung Saturday kulang po kasi ng students. Kailangan po kasi ng 3 participants bago magstart ang class.
nagstart na po ba yung saturday classes ng java programming sa buendia makati?
@ Bryce

Rm 210 Doņa Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc,Manila.
Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati.Thanks
san po kayo sa espana at sa makati po?
@ Spud

Start po kayo sa basic ng programming which is Visual Basic 6 Programming. Thanks
No knowledge in programming here. What course should I start with? Salamat po!
@ Ryan

Yes tuloy na po ang java programming class tomorrow March 31 sa Espana, Manila.
Ung sa espana po un..
Magiinquire po kung tuloy ung class na m-f
9-3:30pm 3/31/14 to 4/4/14?? Thank You..
@ archie

Yes, meron po just visit this link
Meron po ba kayo online courses? Masyado po kasi ako malayo sa Manila.
@ smply

Kailangan po may basic knowledge kayo sa basic programming.
Ok lang ba mag enroll dito khit wala alam sa basic programing??
@ Ryan

Yes po pwede naman magpareserve online then inform nyo lang po kami a head of time kung sakaling di kayo pwede dun sa date na pinili nyo.
Is It ok if just in case na nakapag pareserve ka then unexpected n hindi ka pede ng date na un?? Thank You
@ Ryan,

Yes, sa office na magbabayad kahit sa first day na lang magbayad. Ang deadline kailangan na settle na ang training fee bago matapos ang training. Thanks
Itatanong ko lng po kung sa office nyo na mismo po mgbabayad kng matuloy ung class.. And kailan ung deadline ng pgbabayad.. Thank You
@ robin

As of now we have 1 enrolled and 1 reserved minimum of 3 participants to start the class. Thank you.
how many participants do you have on the march 10 schedule on espana, manila?

i am really interested to study.
@ Robin Casaljay

Minimum of 3 participants before the class start. Thank you!
will the training go even with only 1 student?
@ Joe Rich E. Cuadra

Yes, we have open class for every Saturday and every Sunday.
how to twist a word using javascript in html?

Yes we have weekends Saturday or Sunday schedule 9am to 3pm or 3pm to 9pm. Please check the posted schedule on this page. Thank you!
I worked Mondays-Fridays! Do you have any class that offers Weekends, Saturday and Sundays. Email me ples
@ Roy Barreto

Yes the java training at Espaņa,Manila on Monday February 24, 9am to 3pm is already a confirm class. Come and join us. Thank you!
Kindly confirm if the February 24 to 27 training will start tomorrow.. There's 1 enrollee and 3 reserved.. Thanks.
@ Jay

Yes you can register, just visit this link .Basta po may knowledge in any programming languages pwede po mag enroll. Thank you.
pwde po bang mag paregister sa training na ito kahit hindi na follow ung requirements? salamat
May additional payment po ba kung mag tatake ka ng exam for certification??? kung meron magkano po???
@ Roy Barretto

We need 3 participants to start the class. Please make your reservation online so that we can inform you 3 days before if the class will push thru or not.
What is the minimum number of enrollees required for a class to start? I want to be sure that if I enrol, the class will start as scheduled.
@ Gellay

We have Sunday schedule 9-3pm in Espana Manila and Sunday 3pm to 9pm in Buendia Makati. Unfortunately we don't have class every Tuesday. Thanks
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