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LPIC-1 Junior Level Linux Professional Bootcamp


Course Duration:  40hrs

Why get this Course?:
This course will help you pass the  LPIC-1 and Ubuntu Certified Proffessional certification.
You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to support Linux-based networks. This is a hands on course designed for a job-related tasks a Linux expert must perform using all of the features of Linux operating systems.

Course Prerequisite:

Course Outline: Exam Code:101 & 102



Chapter 1: System Architecture

  • Determine and configure hardware settings
  • Boot the system
  • Change runlevels / boot targets and shutdown or reboot system

Chapter 2: Linux Installation and Package Management

  • Design hard disk layout
  • Install a boot manager
  • Manage shared libraries
  • Use Debian package management
  • Use RPM and YUM package management

Chapter 3: GNU and Unix Commands

  • Work on the command line
  • Process text streams using filters
  • Perform basic file management
  • Use streams, pipes and redirects
  • Create, monitor and kill processes
  • Modify process execution priorities
  • Search text files using regular expressions
  • Perform basic file editing operations using vi

Chapter 4: Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

  • Create partitions and filesystems
  • Maintain the integrity of filesystems
  • Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems
  • Manage disk quotas
  • Manage file permissions and ownership
  • Create and change hard and symbolic links
  • Find system files and place files in the correct location


Chapter 5: Shells, Scripting and Data Management

  • Customize and use the shell environment
  • Customize or write simple scripts
  • SQL
    data management

Chapter 6: User Interfaces and Desktops

  • Install and configure X11
  • Setup a display manager
  • Accessibility

Chapter 7: Administrative Tasks

  • Manage user and group accounts and related system files
  • Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs
  • Localisation and internationalisation

Chapter 8: Essential System Services

  • Maintain system time
  • System logging
  • Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) basics
  • Manage printers and printing

Chapter 9: Networking Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of internet protocols
  • Basic network configuration
  • Basic network troubleshooting
  • Configure client side DNS

Chapter 10: Security

  • Perform security administration tasks
  • Setup host security
  • Securing data with encryption

Exam Fee Installment  Down
Due Date  Manual 
Php 17,000 101-USD170
 Php 17,500  Php 9,000  Midway  Free

COURSE FEE with 2 Exams:
Cash Installment  Down
Due Date  Manual 
Php 35,000  Php 35,500  Php 18,000  Midway  Free


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@ lee

Kung hindi po mameet ung minimum of 3 participants mareresked po on Feb 28, 2015 every Saturday. Espana, Manila ang every sunday schedule.
Hello, baka sakali po hndi matuloy ung sched na 02-21-2015 Buendia schedule..sana maresched to 02-22-2015 mageenrol po ako..thanks
@ Jomar Ebonite

Hello! Yes, we will have schedule for February. Please keep posted for our upcoming schedules. Thank you.
Hi, is there a schedule for bootcamp that starts on February on your Makati branch? or right after the schedule above? Thanks.
@ richard

We will try to open morning schedule. Keep posted.
Please have a schedule for Sat morning :(
@ magne

We open schedule weekly. Keep posted for the upcoming schedule.
your schedules posted is monthly basis or this is the only available sched for the rest of the year?
@ Jorel

Yes we have just keep posted for more updates. Thanks

Do you have a schedule that would start on May on your Makati branch?

@ Jorel Brian Cruz

Yes, we will open soon. Keep posted.

Is there a schedule for the bootcamp that starts on May?

could i take the lpic 1 exam like 101 for this month and the 102 for next mos? can you send me the quotation of exam only fee. thanks
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