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PHP & MySQL Programming




This hands-on course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, database-driven web pages using PHP and MySQL. PHP is a server-side scripting language written for the web, quick to learn, and easy to deploy. Students discover how to connect to a MySQL database, and perform hands-on practice creating database-driven HTML forms and reports.


  • Develop PHP scripts that perform decision making and looping tasks
  • Develop PHP scripts that integrate with a WWW server
  • Understand how to interact with a database
  • Communicate with a database using PHP
  • Work with XML data


Visual Basic 6 Programming or Some understanding of programming concepts, HTML, and experience working with a DBMS is recommended prior to attending this course.


Chapter 1: Introduction to PHP

  • PHP role in the WWW
  • Language fundamentals

Chapter 2: PHP Basics

  • PHP Data types
  • Storing & retrieving information in variables
  • Basic operations with variables
  • Variable rules

Chapter 3: Decision making in PHP

  • Comparison operators
  • The if construct
  • The while construct
  • The for construct

Chapter 4: Arrays and PHP

  • Working with arrays
  • Sorting arrays
  • Other array related functions
  • Multi-dimensional arrays

Chapter 5: Re-using PHP code

Chapter 6: Functions

  • Declaring functions
  • Passing data by reference
  • Including code in scripts
  • Variable scope in PHP

Chapter 7: PHP and the WWW server

  • Working with web forms
  • PHP POST & GET form elements
  • Embedding forms with PHP code
  • Validating form data
  • Preventing spoofed submissions
  • Guidelines for secure PHP
  • Understanding magic quotes
  • Setting default values in forms
  • Processing uploaded files
  • Retrieving & Sorting uploaded files

Chapter 8: Working with databases and PEAR MDB2

  • A brief history of databases
  • Relational database concepts
  • Database tables
  • Using the CREATE TABLE statement

Chapter 9: SQL Data types

  • Integer data types
  • Floating point data types
  • Character data types
  • Other SQL data types
  • SQL column modifiers
  • Understanding SERIAL and AUTO_INCREMENT column options
  • Table & database naming syntax

Chapter 10: Manipulating data in SQL

  • The SELECT statement
  • Overall SELECT syntax
  • Selecting values to display
  • Restricting selections using the WHERE clause
  • Using ORDER BY to sort query results
  • Using LIMIT to limit result sets
  • The INSERT statement
  • The UPDATE Statement
  • The DELETE and TRUNCATE TABLE statements
  • Leveraging existing code using PEAR & PECL

Chapter 11: Accessing databases using PHP

  • USing PEAR's MDB2 class
  • Creating a Data Source Name (DSN)
  • Setting connection options & connecting to the database
  • Executing SQL statements
  • Executing prepared statements
  • Multiple statement execution
  • Retrieving information about queries (metadata)
  • Transactions and queries
  • Retrieving data from a database
  • Single-step queries

Chapter 12 Managing web sessions

  • Using PHP session handling
  • PHP cookie handling
  • Handling date & time in PHP
  • Displaying dates & times
  • Parsing a date or time
  • Generating relative times

Chapter 13: Working with files in PHP

  • Reading & writing files with PHP
  • File permissions
  • Handling errors

Chapter 14: Working With XML Data In PHP

  • Understanding XML
  • RSS Feeds

Chapter 15: Debugging Php Code

  • PHP Error handling
  • PHP debugging tools
  • Suppressing errors


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kailan ba ang schedule nito msql-php?
i interested to your training, can i get you the training schedule?
Hi, saan po ang exact location nung training for php, interested po ako,
@ lito

Unfortunately we don't have training center somewhere in Cebu. Thank you.
@ Jimmy Macabagdal

Sir you must have some understanding of programming concepts, HTML or Visual Basic 6. Thank you.
Hi. Good Day! I'm interested to take the online course but I think it started already. Can you send the details of it on my email add: What's the setup in the online training? I'm from Albay pa kc so it's not convenient for me to travel every saturday or sunday
Do you have training Center in Cebu area...MySQL Programming
Am interest in enrolling to your PHP course. My concern is that is there any prerequisites required before enroll with this course. Thank you.
do you have a more advanced PHP and MySQL training? Particularly MVCs like CakePHP, CodeIgniter and Symphony? I have been looking for this kind of training for a while. Hope to hear from you. Thank you And God bless
@ don
Yes your qualified to take the course. We have open schedule November 05 to December 03, 2011/3pm to 9pm.Thank you
@ don

Yes you're qualified to take PHP & My SQL Programming. We have open schedule in Espaņa Manila Nov. 05 to Dec. 03, 2011/3-9pm and Nov. 20 to Dec. 18, 2011/9-3pm in Buendia Makati. Minimum of 3 participants to start the training. Thank you.
@ mae montero
Your knowledge regarding C++ and Java programming is enough for you to take the Php and MySql training.
@ oliv

The training for PHP & MySQL Programming it cost PhP8,500 in cash. You will receive certificate of completion after finishing the course. You will take NCIV exam sa TESDA.
Hi, know some basics of c prog, html/css, c#, java. nothing seriously advance really but I have my own blog, I'm having a hard time tweaking it according to my needs. Am I qualified to take your course? if yes, when can I start?
Is it possible for me to learn php if I only have a few backgrounds about c++ and java?
How much does it cost for php & mysql training? Do you issue certificate? Is there an assessment from TESDA for php & mysql?
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