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RHCSA - Red Hat System Administration


Course Duration:  40hrs

Course Code: KB0140

Exam Code: EX200 - RHCSA - Red Hat Certified System Administrator

Why get this Course?

This instructor-led course helps you pass exam EX200 - RHCSA The Red Hat System Administrator certification. You will be able to enhance your skills and knowledge on how to administer a RedHal enterprise network. You will learn how to maintain, monitor  and implement essential linux server settings and network services

Course Prerequisite:

LPIC 1 and LPIC 2 training

Course Training Materials: Official Red Hat Linux Administrator's Guide and Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration book

Practice Exams: EXN200

Course Outline:

RHCSA - Module 1

  • Introduction to GNOME Graphical Desktop
  • Managing Files Graphically with Nautilus and Accessing remote systems with Nautilus
  • Familiarizing the Graphical Environment
  • Configuring Local Services, printers and date and time
  • Understanding basic disk concepts and manage system disks
  • Understanding logical volume concepts and manage logical volumes
  • System Resources Monitoring
  • Managing CPU, memory, and disk utilization
  • Managing system software locally and using Red Hat Network (RHN)
  • Bash Introduction
  • Understanding basic shell concepts, execute simple commands, and use basic job control techniques
  • Using man and info pages and find documentation in /usr/share/doc
  • Understanding basic network concepts, configure, manage, and test network settings
  • Administering Users and Groups
  • Managing Files from the Command Line
  • Securing Linux File Access
  • Managing
    file access from the GUI and the command line
  • Administering Remote Systems
  • Configuring SSH and remote desktops
  • Managing Physical Storage, filesystem attributes and swap space
  • Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux and configure the system with firstboot
  • Understanding basic virtualization concepts
  • Installing and managing virtual machines
  • Managing Boot Process, runlevels and manage GRUB
  • Deploying File Sharing Services
  • Deploying an FTP server and a web server
  • Securing Network Services
  • Managing a firewall

RHCSA - Module 2

  • Automated Installations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Creating and managing kickstart configuration files and  performing installations using kickstart
  • Command Line Interface
  • Accessing command line locally and remotely and gaining administrative privileges from the command line
  • Intermediate Command Line Tools
  • Using hardlinks, archives and compression and vim
  • Using regular expressions to search patterns in files and output and redirect pipe output
  • Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Managing Simple Partitions and Filesystems
  • Creating and formatting simple partitions, swap partitions and encrypted partitions
  • Managing Flexible Storage with the Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  • Implementing LVM and LVM snapshots
  • Accessing Network File Sharing Services; NFS and CIFS
  • Implementing NFS, CIFS, and autofs
  • Managing User Accounts, Network User Accounts with LDAP
  • Connecting to a central LDAP directory service
  • Controlling Access to Files
  • Managing group memberships, file permissions, and access control lists (ACL)
  • Managing SELinux
  • Activate and deactivate SELinux; set file contexts; manage SELinux booleans; analyze SELinux logs
  • Installing and Managing Software
  • Managing software and query information with yum, configure client-side yum repository files
  • Managing Installed Services
  • Analyzing and Storing Logs
  • Managing Processes
  • Identifying and terminating processes, change priority of a process, and use cron and at to schedule processes
  • Tuning and Maintaining the Kernel
  • List, load and remove modules and use kernel arguments
  • System Recovery Techniques
  •  Understanding boot process and resolve boot problems

Exam Code Topics Covered
1-5 EXN-200 RHCSA - RedHat System Administrator Bootcamp

Exam Fee Installment  Down
Due Date  Manual 
 Php 15,000 USD  Php 15,500  Php 8,000  Midway  Free


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Good day CNCTC, paki update po ako sa rhcsa training this nov 16.

thank you.
@ Vince

Yes, Please wait for the confirmation of class until tomorrow. Thank you!
@ Chester

Yes, Please wait for the confirmation of class until tomorrow. Thank you!
Good day cnctc,
pakiupdate po ako tungkol sa training this sunday.

thank you.
tuloy po ba yung training this sunday?
@ Vince

Mag aask pa po kami ng confirmation sa mga nakareserved at kailangan po natin ng atleast 3 participants na mag confirm para matuloy po ang class on Sunday ng 3-9pm. Thanks.
Good day cnctc,

sana matuloy ang training, ilan na po ang sure sa linux training ng sun sa buendia?
@ Vince

Actually meron na pong tatlong participants na nakapagreserve, Inform pa lang po naten po sila kung tutuloy po sila, Ang chances maybe 90%. Anyway, Inform namen kayo 3 days before for final confirmation ng class. Thank you!
Good day cnctc,
itatanong ko lang kung ilang percent ng matututloy ang training for linux ng sunday 10/26-11/30 sa buendia??
balak ko din po kasi magtraining kailangan ko lang ng sure date para makapagleave sa work.

thank you.
do you provide ex200 as well?
@ Adrian

There is no reservation fee. You can pay the course fee on or before the start of the training. Yes, minimum of 3 participants before the class starts. Thank you.
may bayad po ba ung reservation? at minimum po ba ng 3 people para mag start? thanks po
Hi I would like to ask if mostly gagawin po ung training sa GUI or sa command line? saka meron din po ba ung attaching SAN's kailangan ko din po kasi just in case thanks
@ Vince

If in case po na magisa nyo mareresked po ung training the following week. Minimum of 3 participants po bago magstart ang class.
Good morning admin, if ever po na ako lang ang participant sa particular sched may chance pa bang matuloy ang training? Thank you.
Do you have a fast track course? Which RHEL will you be using as a platform?
@ Vince

Good Day, we will try to open soon for 9am to 3pm schedule. Please keep posted. Thank you.
Good morning admin, magkakaron ba ng 9am-3pm sched for rchsa training?

thank you.
@ Tux and Vince

You can visit this website for the exam price. Thank you.
good morning, itatanong ko lang kung magkano ang RHCSA exam??

Thank you.
How much the certification exam?
how much if bundled with certification exam?
hello po, do you have an earlier time may be start at 8 or 9am?
@ Roland

Yes, 15,000 for the training fee. at magkakaroon po kami ng schedule for the month of January. please keep posted. Thank you
Please open a schedule after the November holidays... Thanks...
Hi, sa January ba open parin itong training n itp. Yong 15K po ba para training lang, maari bang malaman kung magkanu bayad pag nag take na ng exam for certifation? or just email me.

Gud eve,

Open pa ba ang course na ito? by Oct o NOV? Thnx..
Do you have any schedule for this course this July? Because I'm willing to attend if any?
@ Cedrick

Ang passing rate po namin sa particular course na ito is 99.9%. Thank You
when the classes started? and what the available schedule here in this course? Thanks!
Anu passing percentage nyo dito sa particular training course nato???
Training and exam schedule for the month of June.
What will be the schedule?
When will the training starts?
How many is the maximum participant per training?
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