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Course Duration: 30 hours

Course Description:

This course will teach you everything you need to know on how to build programs using

Course Prerequisite:

Knowledge of basic programming

Chapter I - Introduction to C# and the .NET FRAMEWORK

  • Working with variables, operators, and expressions
  • Writing methods and applying scope
  • Using decision statements
  • Using compound assignment and iteration statements
  • Managing errors and exceptions

Chapter II - Creating and managing classes and objects

  • Understanding values and references
  • Creating value types with enumerations and structures
  • Using arrays
  • Understanding parameter arrays
  • Working with inheritance
  • Creating interfaces and defining abstract classes
  • Using garbage collection and resource management

Chapter III - Implementing properties to access fields

  • Using indexers
  • Introducing generics
  • Using collections
  • Enumerating collections
  • Decoupling application logic and handling events
  • Querying in-memory data by using query expressions
  • Operator overloading

Chapter IV - Improving throughput by using tasks

  • Improving response time by performing asynchronous operations
  • Implementing the user interface for a Windows Store app

Chapter V - Database and Web Programming

  • Getting Started with ADO .NET
  • Database Programming with ADO.NET
  • Using Bound Controls to Display Database Information
  • SQL Statements, LINQ, and Filtering Data
  • Displaying and searching for data in a Windows Store app
  • Accessing a remote database from a
    Windows Store app

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@ Nestor Misalucha

Ok we will send through your email. The difference is the version. C#.Net Programming using 2010 while Microsoft C#.Net using 2015 version.
Can you send me a Training Invitation fro Adobe Photoshop Training? May we know which version will be used? How much is the Training Fees? Please send also the Training Syllabus.
What is the difference between the two courses?
1) C#.Net Programming

Can you send me both Training Syllabus and the Training Fees? By the way what is the latest version of C#.Net?
Hi I saw another course in this site (ASP.Net using c# programming) . I'm very interested to that course and this one. I'd like to know which I should learn first? Thank you
@ jomery

Yes, the training is available. Please make your reservation online through this link
i want to learn how to program ?
available na po ba to?
@ Gabriel

October palang po ang available schedule. Ipopost po namin soon yung November schedule. Keep posted.
may schedule na po ba for november?
My schedule na ba kayo for September?
@ Ronalie

No requirements need upon enrollment. Please see schedule below.

Espana, Manila

Sat 3-9pm / 07-09-2016 to 08-06-2016
Sun 3-9pm / 07-10-2016 to 08-07-2016

Buendia, Makati

M to F 10-4pm / 07-18-2016 to 07-22-2016
I am very interested to enroll on your Microsoft course. Can you send me your schedule for weekend session? And what are the requirement if theres any. Thanks
@ Rory

Fee is 10500 pesos in cash. Yes, we have every Saturday and Sunday schedule.
How much and Do you have weekend schedules?
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