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This course provides students with the knowledge needed to develop applications in Microsoft Visual Basic.NET for the Microsoft .NET platform. The course focuses on user interfaces, program structure, language syntax, and implementation details.


Chapter I

Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2015 and understanding the .NET FRAMEWORK

Chapter II

Work in the Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2015 Integrated Development Environment(IDE)

Chapter III

  • Working with Toolbox Controls

Chapter IV -Working with Menus, Toolbars, and Dialog Boxes

  • Adding Menus by Using the MenuStrip Control
  • Adding Access Keys to Menu Commands
  • Processing Menu Choices
  • Adding Toolbars with the ToolStrip Control
  • Using Dialog Box Controls
  • Event Procedures That Manage Common Dialog Boxes
  • Assigning Shortcut Keys to Menus
  • Programming Fundamentals

Chapter V- Visual Basic Variables and Formulas and the .NET Framework

  • Using Variables
  • Working with Specific Data Types
  • Working with Visual Basic Operators
  • Working with Math Methods in the .NET Framework

Chapter VI - Using Decision Structures

  • Event-Driven Programming
  • Using Conditional Expressions
  • If … Then Decision Structures
  • Select Case Decision Structures
  • Detecting Mouse Events

Chapter VII - Using Loops and Timers

  • Writing For … Next Loops
  • Writing Do Loops
  • The Timer Control
  • Creating a Digital Clock by Using a Timer Control
  • Using
    a Timer Object to Set a Time Limit
  • Inserting Code Snippets

Chapter VIII - Trapping Errors by Using Structured Error Handling

  • Processing Errors by Using the Try … Catch Statement
  • Writing a Disc Drive Error Handler
  • Using the Finally Clause to Perform Cleanup Tasks
  • More Complex Try … Catch Error Handlers
  • Comparing Error Handlers with Defensive Programming Techniques
  • The Exit Try Statement

Chapter IX - Creating Modules and Procedures

  • Working with Modules
  • Working with Public Variables
  • Creating Procedures
  • Writing Function Procedures
  • Writing Sub Procedures
  • Passing Arguments by Value and by Reference

Chapter X - Using Arrays to Manage Numeric and String Data

Chapter XI - Designing the User Interface
  • Managing Windows Forms and Controls at Run Time
  • Adding New Forms to a Program
  • How Forms Are Used
  • Working with Multiple Forms
  • Positioning Forms on the Windows Desktop

Chapter XII - Adding Graphics and Animation Effects

  • Adding Artwork by Using the System.Drawing Namespace
  • Adding Animation to Your Programs
  • Expanding and Shrinking Objects While a Program is Running
  • Changing Form Transparency

Chapter XIII - Inheriting Forms and Creating Base Classes

  • Inheriting a Form by Using the Inheritance Picker
  • Creating Your Own Base Classes
  • Inheriting a Base Class

Chapter XIV - Database and Web Programming

  • Getting Started with ADO .NET
  • Database Programming with ADO.NET
  • Using Bound Controls to Display Database Information
  • SQL Statements, LINQ, and Filtering Data

Chapter XV - Data Presentation Using the DataGridView Control

  • Using DataGridView to Display Database Records
  • Formatting DataGridView Cells
  • Adding a Second Data Grid View Object
  • Updating the Original Database

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Pwede po ba ito kunin na prerequisite for PHP and SQL?
Ano po difference ng microsoft visual basic. Net 2015 sa microsoft 2015? Saka meron na po kayo sched for jan2018 na weekends?
@ Princess

Ang fee is 10500 pesos in cash. Eto po available schedule.

Espana, Manila

Sat 3-9pm 12-09-2017 to 01-20-2018
Sun 3-9pm 12-10-2017 to 01-21-2018
Meron po kayong schedules nito for December2017 or January2018? Chaka Magkano po?
@ Lovely Seco

Weekend lang po ang available schedule namin sa ngayon. Alanganin po ung straight na 5 days training.
Can we get your contact number mam/sir? Para po manegotiate po yung request namin if it is possible because we're about to start na po sa project na gagawin by next month. Can you send it to me via email? Thank you.
May I know po kaya kung sino po ito? kasi po may kausap din po ung head nmn n si Mam Rose Reglos na sabe po nya ay wala daw po available n instructor n pde pumunta po dito sa quezon..prefer po kasi nmn ay 5 days straight po ang training..thanks po
@ Lovely Seco

Yes possible po. Meron po kaming weekend schedule.
Bale 5 participants po..possible po ba ?
@ christopher balaga

Unfortunately, wala po kaming branch sa Cebu. Espana Manila and Buendia Makati lang po kami located.
is their any session at Cebu...?
@ Julito M Nercua

Please make a reservation online through this link . You can enroll on or before the start of the training.
Sir, How Can I enroll in this course(MS 2015)? thanks
@ Michael Ryan V. Alimagno

Please see schedule below.

Espana, Manila
Sat 3-9pm 09-30-2017 to 10-28-2017

Buendia, Makati

Sat 3-9pm 09-30-2017 to 10-28-2017
@ Lovely Seco

May I ask how many participants will attend the training?
When is the next online schedule for MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC.NET 2015 please? Thanks!
We are located here at Lucena City, Quezon Province, Is it possible that one of your trainor can provide us the training here in our location?
@ Lovely Seco

The course fee is P10,500 cash, 30 hour course duration good for 5 meetings. We have open in Espana Manila and Buendia Makati Sunday 3PM to 9PM/Sept 24 to October 22, 2017.
@ Lovely Seco

We will give certificate of completion after the training. Thanks.
the certificate provided here after the training is Microsoft certified? or not?
What are the training details including the rate, schedule, time and location and other information?
Do you have a schedule this coming august in buendia?
what is your graphic programming courses and cost...
@ Glen

Certificate of completion po ang binibigay namin after ng training.
Hi, after this course meron po bang certification? Kubg meron po anong name?
@ christian

Hello, you can call us at 736-2032/736-5196 in Manila, 889-6042/43 in Makati. P10,500 po ang course fee ng Microsoft Visual Basic.Net 2015.
is this the same as microsoft visual foxpro?
hi available na po ba eto and also saan pwede tumawag at mag inquire for enrollement, kung magkano enrollement?
@ Rey Gallo

Please see schedule below.

Espana, Manila

Sat 3-9pm 02-18-2017 to 03-18-2017
Sun 3-9pm 02-19-2017 to 03-19-2017

Buendia, Makati

Sun 3-9pm 02-12-2017 to 03-12-2017
The is a schedule for 2017 please let me know
@ Benny Pabelonia

Please see schedule below.

Espana, Manila
Sat 3-9pm 01-14-2017 to 02-11-2017
Sun 3-9pm 01-15-2017 to 02-12-2017

Buendia, Makati
Sat 3-9pm 01-14-2017 to 02-11-2017
Sun 3-9pm 01-15-2017 to 02-12-2017

Is there any schedule for 2017?
@ arman

The fee is 10500 pesos in cash. Please see schedules below.

Espana, Manila

Sat 3-9pm 10-15-2016 to 11-12-2016
Sun 3-9pm 10-16-2016 to 11-13-2016

Buendia, Makati

Sun 3-9pm 10-09-2016 to 11-06-2016
pls post post your updated sked for this class and how much. thanks
I'm new to Using VB2010, is this course way ahead from this version? Thanks
@ Fieven Espirito

Eto po available schedules.

Espana, Manila

M to F/10-4pm / 08-15-2016 to 08-19-2016
M to F/10-4pm / 08-08-2016 to 08-12-2016
Sat/3-9pm / 07-23-2016 to 08-20-2016
Sun/9-3pm / 07-24-2016 to 08-21-2016

Buendia, Makati

M to F/10-4pm / 08-08-2016 to 08-12-2016
M to F/10-4pm / 08-22-2016 to 08-26-2016
Sat/3-9pm / 07-30-2016 to 08-27-2016
Sun/3-9pm / 07-24-2016 to 08-21-2016
Wala bang available schedule for 2015?
i am not a computer literate , is it possible for me to take this course ? We have so net and i want the bussiness to take hold of the up dated system.
@ Michael D

Hello, we do have open schedule for Monday to Friday 10 am to 4pm and cost P10,500 cash. Minimum of 3 participants for the class to push through.

When is your training schedule and how much?
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