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We are giving away various amounts of Coupon Codes discounts randomly from Php1000 to Php10,000. We will display coupon codes discounts exactly at the time indicated below. Coupon codes will appear for a few minutes. Hit the Refresh button (F5) exactly at 9:00 AM when the time comes for the coupon codes to appear. Check this out every day to give you a better chance of getting big discounts for your training.

Coupon Code Rules:

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  2. Coupon codes are transferable
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  4. You can use your coupon codes through online course enrollment Link here 

Course Catalogue

Our range of courses for software developers includes the latest in PHP frameworks, a substantial number of Microsoft .NET platforms, Open Source, Java and many more.

Learn how to design, deploy and maintain powerful commercial database applications using Open Source SQL and Microsoft SQL technologies 

Gain the skills needed to become a Technical Support or Computer Technician. TESDA CSS NCII courses is the right course for this.

Our CCNA training approach is immersive, face-to-face, expert-led, and comprehensive. Gain skills gain knowledge and get certified

Intensive instructor-led training is key to get the skills needed to become MCSA Certified. Gain real-world experience. Learn from Industry Experts. 

Our hands-on CompTIA A+, Network +, and other CompTIA courses will teach you the best practices and give practical skills to repair desktop and laptop computers as well as configuring, securing and managing computers

Our range of courses for Linux certification is comprehensive. We offer hands-on training in LPIC and RedHat Linux. We can customise and combine course topics to meet your requirements

Learn all the skills you need. Get certified.  Choose the right path for your career. Start Today

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