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PCPP1 – Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 Bootcamp

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Key Features

  • 5 days Instructor-Led Live Online Classroom
  • Webex Virtual Class for interactive near classroom experience
  • Access to Remote Lab PC for Hands-On activities
  • Unlimited Practice exams
  • Integrated Courseware in the Learning Management System
  • Step by Step guide for challenging hands-on lab activities
  • Flexible Schedules – Both Weekdays and Weekends Classes 
  • Get Trained by Python Programming Certified Expert Trainer with Over 15 Years of Industry Experience
  • No. 1 Training Center for Python Programming Courses
  • E-learning Access for Pre-course and Post Training Support 
  • Best Price Guaranteed for Python Programming Courses

Key Features

  • 5 days Instructor-Led Face to Face Classroom training
  • We are a TESDA Registered Training Center
  • Offering Flexible Schedules – Both Weekdays and Weekends Classes
  • Get Trained by Python Programming Certified Expert Instructor with Over 15 Years of Industry Experience
  • No. 1 Training Center for Python Programming Courses
  • We Guarantee Best Price for Python Programming Courses

Key Features

  • Gain the technical skills needed in the workplace. 1 on 1 training is the best way to learn
  • Quickest way to master any of our course offerings.
  • Experience superb hands-on laboratory activities and unobstructed attention from your trainer.
  • Guaranteed to start the Training


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This advanced hands-on Python programming course covers advanced perspective of classes and features of object-oriented programming and includes graphical user interface programming, as well as working with selected library modules and processing different kinds of files. You will learn the program environment, and utilize tools and resources for the purposes of carrying out math, science, and engineering-related tasks.


PCPP-32-1: Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 Certification Exam Price: USD 195


Familiarity with any programming language can help but not necessarily required. Needs basic computing knowledge.


Upon completion of the course, trainees will be qualified to be a junior, python programmer, Python Developer.


PCPP-32-1 Syllabus


Chapter 1: File Processing and Communicating with Program Environment

  • Files Processing
    • sqlite3 – interacting with SQLite databases
    • xml – creating and processing XML files
    • csv – CSV file reading and writing
    • logging – basics logging facility for Python
    • configparser – configuration file parser
  • Communicating with a program’s environment
    • os – interacting with the operating system,
    • datetime– manipulating with dates and time
    • io – working with streams,
    • time – time access and conversions

Chapter 2: Math, Data Science, and Engineering Tools

  • math – a basic tool for elementary evaluations
  • NumPy– fundamental package for scientific computing
  • SciPy – an ecosystem for mathematics, science, and engineering
  • Matplotlib – 2D plotting library producing publication quality figures
  • Pandas – a library providing high-performance and data analysis tools
  • SciKit-image – a collection of algorithms for image processing .

Chapter 3: GUI Programming

  • What is GUI and where it comes from
  • Constructing a GUI – basic blocks and conventions
  • Event-driven programming
  • Currently used GUI environments and toolkits
  • tkinter — Python interface to Tcl/Tk
    • tkinter’s application life cycle
    • Widgets, windows and events
    • Sample applications
  • pygame – a simple way of developing multimedia applications

Chapter 4: Python Enhancement Proposals

  • What is PEP?
  • Coding conventions – not only style and naming
  • PEP 20 – The Zen of Python
    • collection of principles that influences the design of Python code
  • PEP 8 – Style Guide for Python Code
    • coding conventions for code comprising the standard library in the main Python distribution
  • PEP 257 – Docstring Conventions
    • what is docstring and some semantics as well as conventions associated with them
  • A tour of important PEPs

Chapter 5: Advanced Perspective of Classes and Object-Oriented Programming in Python

  • Classes
  • Instances
  • Attributes
  • Methods
  • Working with class and instance data
  • Copying object data using shallow and deep operations
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Different faces of Python methods: static and class methods
  • Abstract classes vs. method overloading
  • Composition vs. Inheritance – two ways to the same destination
  • Implementing Core Syntax
  • Subclassing built-ins
  • Attribute Encapsulation
  • Advanced techniques of creating and serving exceptions
  • Serialization of Python objects using the pickle module
  • Making Python object persistent using the shelve module
  • Metaprograming
    • Function decorators
    • Class decorators
    • Metaclasses


(₱18500) ₱ 14800
(USD385]) USD308


sat06aug(aug 6)9:00 amsat03sep(sep 3)3:00 pmPCPP1 – Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 BootcampPython Programming9:00 am - (september 3) 3:00 pm

sat27aug(aug 27)9:00 amsat24sep(sep 24)3:00 pmPCPP1 – Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 BootcampPython Programming9:00 am - (september 24) 3:00 pm

sat17sep(sep 17)9:00 amsat15oct(oct 15)3:00 pmPCPP1 – Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 BootcampPython Programming(september 17) 9:00 am - (october 15) 3:00 pm

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