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Java Programming (J2SE/J2EE)




This course covers basic to intermediate Java programming. Participants should have a basic knowledge in computer programming using any programming language. Training is more on actual implementation of java programs for web integration


After the training students should be able to:

  • Create Java programs
  • Design programs for the Web.


Instructor-led, classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.


  • Working knowledge in Windows Applications
  • Basic Programming knowledge.


Chapter 1

  • Getting started
  • What is JAVA?
  • Definition of Terms

                A. The main Method

                B. Defining and using Classes and Objects

                C. Comments in Java Code

  • Learning Java language
  • OOP- Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Using Data

                A. Variables and Constant

                B. Int Data Type

                C. Arithmetic Statement

                D. Boolean Data Type

                E. Floating Data Type

                F. Numeric Type Convertion

                G. Char Data Type

  • Writing a First Program

Chapter 2

  • Programming using Methods

                A. Creating methods with No arguments

                B. Methods that require a single Argument

                C. Methods that require a multiple Argument

                D. Methods that return values

  • Using Classes
  • Defining a Class
  • Creating a Class
  • Using instance Methods
  • Organizing methods

Chapter 3

  • Input and Decision making
  • Simple keyboard Input
  • If Structure
  • Comparison Operator

                  If - else Structure

                  Nested if and nested if ... else

  • Switch Structure
  • While Structure
  • Do - Loops Structure

Chapter 4

  • Arrays
  • Program that uses an array
  • Program that
    uses an Array of Event Object
  • Passing Arrays to Methods
  • Using one Dimensional Array
  • Sorting Primitive Array Elements
  • Using Two Dimensional Array

Chapter 5

  • Strings
  • Comparing Strings
  • Using other Strings Methods
  • Converting Strings to numbers

Chapter 6

  • Understanding the Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT)
  • Using Frame Class
  • Creating a Frame that Classes
  • Creating a Button, Checkbox, TextField

Chapter 7

  • JDBC Database Access
  • Getting Started
  • Establishing a Connection
  • Loading Drivers
  • Making the Connection
  • Creating JDBC statements
  • Executing the Statements
  • Entering the Statements
  • Entering Data into a Table
  • Getting a Data from a Table
  • Retrieving Values from Result Sets

Chapter 8

  • Continuous of JDBC
  • Updating Tables
  • Using Prepared Statements
  • Stored Procedures
  • SQL Statements for Creating a Stored Procedure
  • Creating Complete JDBC applications
  • Importing Classes to make them Visible
  • Using the main method
  • Using try and catch blocks
  • Retrieving Exceptions

Chapter 9

  • Applet
  • Creating first applet
  • With label
  • Adding TextField and Buttons
  • The applet to draw a green square instead of a red spot
  • The applet to display your name in purple instead of s red spot

Chapter 10

  • Java Swing
  • Swing Components
  • How to create and Show s frames
  • Creating a TextField, Label and Button
  • How to use a password Fields


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is this course equivalent to intro to java programming?
@ Honeybelle Arevalo

Ang next schedule po is on November 5 to December 3, 2016.
Hi, Kelan po ang next possible sched ng class sa Buendia if hndi magpush through yung Oct 29? Thank you
@ les

Hi, please wait the final confirmation until tomorrow if the JAVA class will push through on Saturday as we're still waiting for the confirmation of the other participants. Thank you.

Are you pushing through with the October 29 schedule in Buendia?

Hope to hear from you the soonest.
@ Belle

Hi, we need minimum of 3 participants for the class to push through on October 22, 2016. Thank you.
mag push through po ba yung Schedule ng Java Prog(J2ee) 10-22-2016 sa Buendia? thanks
@ Je

The next schedule will be on October 8, 2016. You can make a reservation online though this
Hello po. May I know when is the next batch starting? I'll be available from the 8th of october onwards so I'd like to sign up for the next available class please.
@ Ianj

Opo makakarecevice kayo ng certificate of completion after the training.
makakareceive po ba kame ng certifcate of completion regarding sa training?
@ zerdgel

Java Programming J2SE lang po ang covered ng training separate po ang Java J2EE course.
Ang title po is "Java Programming (J2SE/J2EE)" so covered din po ang J2EE? tnx!
@ Gie Basinal

We required minimum of 3 participants for the class to push through. You can call us at 736-2032/736-5196 in Manila center, 889-6042/43 in Makati center or email us at

Thank you.
How frequent po ung natutuloy ang isang class in a month?
May direct contact number po ba kayo kht for texting purposes? madami po kasi me questions eh. Salamat po!
@ Romeo

Inform po namin kayo 3 days before kung tuloy o hindi po ang class. Minimum of 3 participants bago magstart ang training.
Ask ko po if tuloy po b ang july 18 to 22 if 1 lng nk reserved? Pls let me know pra mk pag leave po ako agad.slamat po madami. Pki email po ako.tnz
@ Arnold Atienza

We have training for one on one but you will pay for a minimum of 3 participants. Thank you.
@ Romeo

Please make a coure reservation through this link po

Thank you.
Do you have any personal instructors? I have knowledge of programming particularly Assembly, C++, Basic, Visual Basic...etc. However what I know is already obsolete however, I can still program in Visual Basic for the web and I would like to learn JAVA in my own time.
MAdam/ sir p reserved po ng 1 sa 10 -4 jul 18 to 22 espana
@ Mhenard de Leon

Hindi po tuloy ang class. Reskedyul po next week. Mimimum of 3 participants bago magstart ang class.
Good evening po! Ask ko lang po kung tuloy yung schedule ng June 26 to July 24, 2016 sa Buendia, Makati?
@ Gemma Tolentino

Please wait the final confirmation 2-3 days before the training if the class wil push through nextweek. Thank you.
Hi tuloy po ba ung schedule sa June 27- July 1, 2016? Ty
@ izight

Magiinform po kami before Saturday kung tuloy na po ang class. Please reserve online sa link na ito para mainform po namin kayo.
good am,
ask lng po kung sure na tuloy na po ba sched this coming sat 3-9pm |06-11-2016 - 07-01-2016|?
@ Edito cad

P10,500 po ang course fee for cash basis.

Our Main office is located @ Rm 210 Dona Amparo Bldg., Espana Blvd. corner G. Tolentino St. Sampaloc Manila

Our Branch office is located @ Rm 208 UPY Bldg., Gil Puyat Ave. (formerly Buendia Ave) corner Marconi St. Palanan Makati City
Good am po pag cash po ba ang bayad 10,500 at. ano po address nyo? Thanks
@ inquirer101

yes, pwede pong mag-enroll ang ECE graduate at Nursing graduate sa JAVA Programming as long as may background na in any programming language.
inquire lng po kami. pwede po ba ang ece graduate at nursing graduate po dito sa java programming?
@ Gie Basinal

Ang fee for installment basis is 11000 pesos in cash, 5500 ang down payment then sa midway ng training ang remaining balance.
Hi! Kung installments po, how much and pano po ung payments? per session po ba ?
@ Hubert Rana

Yes, may makukuha kayong certificate of completion after the training.
Good Evening Mam/Sir,

Magkakaroon po ba ng certificate na nagtraining po ng java programming? tnx po I'm looking forward for the schedule of training on may :)
@ Lester

30 hours duration ng course good for 5 sessions/meetings po ang training.
@ David Resma

Ipopost po namin soon ung schedules namin for May. Keep posted for the update.
Hi, One session lang po cover n ung 11K installment? If not, how many classes this covers?
Pa reserve po ng slot if my training sa first Week of May... Thanks
@ Marissa

Unfortunately, hindi po matutuloy ang class sa March 14 to 18 schedule due to lack of students. Minimum of 3 participants bago magstart ang class. Reschedule po ang class on March 28 to April 1, 2016. Thanks.
Tuloy po ba yung Java programming class for March 14 to 18 2016 ?
@ Rio porto

Meron na po kasi kayong reservation before. Imanage nyo nalang po ung dati ninyong reservation.
Good day!
Bakit di na po kya ako makapagpa-reserve? Thanks po.
@ Rio porto

Yes, updated po Sir.
Good day po. Updated na po yung nag papa reserve sa 14-18 buendia? Salamat po
@ Rio porto

Inform kana lang po namin pag na meet na minimum of 3 participants. Thank you.
Ahh ganun po ba, ppunta n sana ako jan bukas.
@ Rio porto

Hi, reschedule po ang Java training natin ng Dec. 14-18 due to lack of participants. Minimum of 3 participants po ang kailangna natin para mapush through ang class. Thank you.
Tuloy po ba bukas yung class sa buendia dec. 7-11? Tnx po
@ Vhem

Upon checking sa aming database meron na po kayong reservation for Java course.
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