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Adobe Photoshop CS2




Instructor-led, classroom/laboratory-delivery learning model with structured hands-on and minds-on activities and laboratory activities.


  • Working knowledge in Windows Applications
  • Basic knowledge in using computers.  


Getting Started with Photoshop

Lesson One:  Selection Tools In Photoshopgetting

  • Basic selection tools
  • The lasso tools
  • The magnetic lasso
  • The magic wand
  • Quick mask
  • Working with the quick mask
  • Selections, mask and channels
  • Slices

Lesson Two:  Navigating And Editing Your Images

  • Panning and zooming images
  • The navigator panel
  • View management
  • Move, align and distribute
  • The move tool
  • Direct and path selection tools
  • Vector shaped and multiole paths

Lesson Three:  Using Brushes And Pencil Tools

  • The brush tool
  • Using brush tools
  • Exploring the brushes palette
  • The brushes palette in details
  • Scattering
  • Textures and dual brushes
  • The history brush
  • Using the history brush
  • Art history brush

 Lesson Four:  Using The Cloning And Healing Tools

  • The rubber stamp(clone)tool
  • Removing unwanted elements
  • Cloning skin
  • The healing brush
  • The healing patch tool

 Lesson Five:  The Gradient, Fill And Eraser Tools

  • The paint bucket
  • More fill options
  • The sharpen tool
  • The smudge tool
  • Working with the smudge tool
  • Dodge and burn
  • The sponge tool
  • Using dodge and burn
  • Focusing in with dodge and burn

Lesson Six:  Getting To Know The Effects Tools

  • The 'focus' tools
  • The blur tool
  • The gradient tool
  • The gradient editing panel
  • Using gradient creatively
  • Gradient styles
  • Gradient masks
  • Masks and selections in detail
  • Magic and background erasers

Lesson Seven:  Working With The Type Tool

  • The type tool
  • Type options
  • Type tool tips
  • Using the warp text panel
  • Rasterizing type
  • Styled type

 Lesson eight:  Working With Paths,
Vectors And Masks

  • Using the pen tool
  • Vector shapes
  • Using vector shapes
  • Masks
  • Vector shapes details

Lesson Nine:  Annotations, Notes And The Measure Tools

  • Notes and annotations
  • The eye dropper tool
  • Using the eye dropper tool
  • The color sampler
  • The measure tool

 Lesson Ten:  Creating Top Quality Artwork

  • Cretaing a montage
  • Fix missing parts of the image
  • Using the pen as a brush
  • Adding a background
  • Applying artistic detail
  • Vector shape and type layers


 Cash Installment  Downpayment  Due Date  Manual 
 Php 4,500 Php 5,000
Php 2,500


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@ Edlyn Quijano

Open po kami for enrollment. Pwede po kayong gumawa ng inyong reservation online through this link
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Many thanks really useful. Will certainly share website with my pals.
Date of enrollment for this year
Kailan po uli ang enrollment nyo
@ paul

Wala pa pong nakaenroll pero may nakareserved na po. Pwede kayong gumawa ng inyong reservation online through this link para mainform namin kayo kung tuloy na ang class.
HI, May nag enroll na po ba dito? balak ko sana mag enroll.. thanks
When is the next schedule for this?
@ ria

Here's the next schedule.

Espana, Manila
Sun 3-9pm 03-05-2017 to 03-26-2017

Buendia, Makati
Sun 3-9pm 03-05-2017 to 04-02-2017
mAY i ask when next schedule ninyo?
@ mark ponce

Yes, CS6 na po ang aming course outline at ang ituturo. Thank you.
Hi! Hindi po ba adobe photshop cs6 gamit nyo, yung latest? mas ok sana pag latest eenroll na sana ako :)
@ Williamlipt

Please give us a call at 736-2032/736-5196 in Manila, 889-6042/43 in Makati. Thank you.
I need to contact admin.
Thank you.
Many thanks for sharing this great site.
Very interesting website i have bookmarked for future reference.
@ MaryMJ

Unfortunately, we are training center and not advertising company.
Hello! My name is MaryMarkova, our compane need to advertise on your website. What is your prices? Thank you. Best regards, Mary.
@ Jenny V. Grupo

Wala po kaming branch sa San Fernando, Launion. Sa Espan Manila and Buendia Makati lang po kami located. Thanks.
Available po ba itong course na ito sa San Fernando, Launion?
@ Ellen

I'm sorry pero wala po kaming scholarship program or discount promo.
Wala po bang scholarship na Pede or at least po maka avail ng discount??
@ marichu velacruz

Hello, give us a call at 736-2032/736-5196 in Manila, 889-6042/43 in Makati. Thank you.
hi what po landline number ninyo?
@ carl

Once a week po ang training ng every Sunday.
24hrs.. 6hrs each day.. 4 days lang po.. bakit po 14 days ang naka lagay sa date start and end?
@ rex

Eto po ang schedule.

Espana, Manila

Sun 3-9pm / 03-20-2016 to 04-17-2016

Buendia, Makati

Sat 3-9pm / 03-19-2016 to 04-16-2016
ask ko lng po ano next schedules?
@ Bert C

Unfortunately, hindi mo pwede gamitin ung owwa scholarship mo sa course na to. Ang course na pwede ninyong ipasok sa owwa ninyo ay PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting and Repair at PC LAN/WAN Setup and Windows 2008 Server Active Directory Infrastructure Administration
inquire ko lng po kung pwede gamitin ung owwa scholarship
@ Albert Malacas

Give us a call at 736-2032, 736-5196 in Manila, 889-6042/43 in Makati branch. Thank you.
kuhain ko po number nyo pra po mkapaginquire ako
Hello .. can i get the number for inquiring ?
@ richard

is this seminar tesda-accredited?
@ Bryan.I

Yes, iaupdate po namin etong course outline namin into CS5. Please keep posted.
Hello may open course paba kayo sa
<Adobe Photoshop CS5> Training?

Ung Manila Area lang, kelan po ba available shed for that? Im interested
@ ghe

This course is available in Buendia, Makati branch the schedule is every Saturday, 3pm to 9pm on October 24 to November 14, 2015.
any plans in the future to cater this course in you Makati branch? Thanks
@ Aljon

You will receive the certificate of completion after finishing the course. Thank you.
Pwede po bang Bayaran ko na lang po yung Certificate if Pwede po kasi medyo master ko n po yung photoshop. Need ko lang po ng Certification. Salamat po
@ Fathima Yang Polo

August schedule will be post soon, please keep posted. Thank you!
Though it's still far but i want to reserve for the month of August.
@ Emmanuel Ventura

Pareserve po kayo sa aming website sa link na ito then inform po namin kayo pag magstart na ang class. Minimum of 3 students po ang kailangan para mapush through ang class. Thank you.
I want to learn Adobe Photoshop CS2 because I am on PVC ID Business and also Web design courses to improve my website in in NGO Rescue Grour website.
@ Dhonna

June na po ang next schedule after ng May. Please check the website regularly for an update. Thanks.
Kelan Ang next sched nyo after ng May?
@ Dhonna

Meron po kaming open na schedule Sat 3-9pm sa Buendia Makati at Sunday 3-9pm sa Espana Manila. Gawa po kayo ng reservation sa link na ito

Ask ko lanh may sched ba Kayo ng sat and Sunday,May pasok kasi ako sa work,newbie plang ako sa Photoshop Kaya need ko mag enroll.please advice
@ Mary Joy Valmonte

Mag aadvise po kami 2-3 days before po ng training kung nameet na po minimum of 3 students. Thank you.
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